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art, culture and ideas

Issue 5: Beauty



Notes: Afros / Bas Jan Ader and David Wojnarowicz / Male Beauty Types / A List Of Everyday Sublime / Stephen Crane / Death To The English Rose

In Conversation With John Waters: The cult film director talks dirty feet, extreme plastic surgery and Jean Genet with James Payne

In the Eye of the Beholder: part 1: Jo Wilmot asks Marco Palmeri, Mark Wright, Martine Rouleau, Misha Miovanovich and Sarah Baker to choose something beautiful

Confessions of a Chromophile: Pernille Holm-Mercer argues for more colour in art

Garageland Fiction: Paul Becker's ‘Notes Vitrine’ + Jo Wilmot’s ‘Game, Set, Match’

Decadant Dandies of Jolly Darkness: Alex Michon profiles photographer Kate Garner and her links with the subversive world of gender slumming

Garageland Portfolio: Rose Wylie draws pin-ups from Betty Page to Penelope Cruz

Black Beauty: Artist Stephen Davids discusses race, Winky dolls and art

In the Eye of the Beholder: part 2: Artists continue their beauty selections

Beauty Within Dirtiness: Pretty does not have to mean clean says Mindy Lee

Slow Motion: Olly Beck wonders at the beauty of the mirage

Echoes in Eternity: Dolly Thompsett on the beauty of war as depicted in art and film

Filmclub: ‘Female Trouble’ / ‘Grey Gardens’ / ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’ and the ultimate list of lovely movies

Who What Where: Stella Vine and Erica Eyres by Alex Michon / Mamma Andersson by Rachel Potts / O Dreamland: Art on the south coast by Olly Beck / Artist Studio: Tara Darby photographs Tamara Dubnyckyj / Forward Motion: Rachel Potts previews a slew of beautiful new shows

Final Word: The best and worst of the Venice Biennale by Joanne Shurvell