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The Critical Friend 7

The Critical Friend is a collection of reviews by artists.


Issue 7 (Summer 2007) includes:

Marc Hulson at Five Years by Alex Michon
Stuart Murray at Cell Project Space by Caroline Higgs
Bjorn Veno in Romantic Anti-Humanism at Five Years by Keara Stewart
The N16 art scene by Harry Pye & Lily Dessau
Calum F.Kerr at Arts Unwrapped by Ms L O'Riley
Beauhemia at Nettie Horn by Olly Beck
Paper Bag Lady and Other Stories at Timothy Taylor by Angela Kay Randall
Art Basel by Tom Saunders
Tamara Dubnyckyj at the Royal College of Art by Cathy Lomax
Mark McGowan by Ronald Gunnar-Hoo
Sonia Boyce's Devotional at The National Portrait Gallery by Cathy Lomax
Peter Jones at Ashwin Street by Edward Wright
Tom Ellis at MOT by Keara Stewart
The De La Warr Pavillion by Barnes Baker & Olly Beck
Reqiuem for a Rockerbilly Caff by Matt Rowe
Lynette Yiadom-Boakye at Gasworks by Cathy Lomax
A Great Day for News by Alex Michon
Bjorn-Kowalsji Hansen at Gallery Yujiro by Mike Bartlett
The Smoking Ban by Olly Beck
Iwan Lewis at Madame Lillies by Alex Michon
An Exhibitionist by spyFARM
Stella Vine at Modern Art Oxford by Alex Michon
Daniel Gustav Cramer at Goethe Institute by Charlie Potter