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The Critical Friend 5

The Critical Friend is a collection of reviews by artists.


Issue 5 (Autumn 2006) includes reviews of:

Laura Oldfield Ford's Savage Messiah by Alex Michon
And Yet it Moves
at MOT by Rachel Potts
Tropico-Vegetal at Palais de Tokoyo by Laura Cherry
Emily Richardson's Transit by Helen Kaplinsky
Sarah and Simon at Platform by Russell Herron
British Art Show 6 by Paul Harfleet
Wang Qingsong at Albion by Amanda Moore
Between a Rock and a Hard Place at Rove by James Payne
Bas Jan Adler at Camden Arts Centre by Olly Beck
Richard Box at Vine Space by Helen Kaplinsky
Hester Reeve at Space Station Sixty-Five by Rosie Roberts
The Tales of Hoffman at St Augustine's Tower by Cathy Lomax
The Isle of Wight Arts Scene by Elizabeth Johnston
The Girdulent Repugdulence Festival at David Risley Gallery by Helen Kaplinsky
Extenuating Circumstances at Grey Area by Mike Bartlett
Vignettes at Rosy Wilde by Alex Michon
Archipeinture at Camden Arts Centre by Mr Monkey Pig
Graham Miller at Dilston Grove by Roger Healey-Dilkes