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24 July - 15 August 2004
Fri & Sat 12-10pm, Sun 12-6pm

Ali Dolanbay, Criodhna Costello, Giampaolo Cottino, Abigail Reynolds, David Blandy, Ann Marie Peña, Keith Wilson, Theo Michael, Nadia Al Rikabi, Eftihis Patsourakis, Jordan Baseman, GRUDA, Theokritos Papadopoulos, Jena McCarthy & Thomas Barry, Alexander Zika, Lucy Pedlar, Chris Maragopoulos, Barak Reiser, Michael Sailstorfer, Giuliana Racco, Brian Reed, Johan Thom, Leander Auer, Lewis Amar, Theo Prodromidis, Benny SooTho, Cati Bolt, Athanasios Argianas, Stefan Pedersen, George Barber, Narvika Bovcon & Ales Vaupotic, Zak Penley, Aris Prodromidis, Abdul Sharif, Passaporta, Thomas Crane

The market-place which stood at the centre of every Greek city was not only a place of commerce but also the meeting place for the community, its discussion forum and playground for the peripatetic philosophers and early day flaneurs. First and foremost a location of public interaction and transaction, it further accommodated other centres with social, political and cultural functions: the cities administration and its institutions for education and worship.

Essentially pluralistic, the agora stages a democratic project, one which is aimed at involving the public in an open discourse, facilitating encounter and amplifying a polyphonic dialogue of contrasting experiences, views, hopes and aspirations.

This Group show aggregates various zones of the agora and abstracts them into its event-structure, paying attention to art-conventional strategies of display, authorship, relational mannerisms and intrinsic conceptual manipulation. It attempts to re-evaluate interdependencies and co-existential discrepancies within our socio-economical system by highlighting and subjectively translating its indicators, signs and modes of communication.

The exhibition is thought out as a lab-situation in which the installation is used as actual meeting place; hosting a debate, which would like to stay open to propositions and reflections on how an artistic practice might continue to reinvent itself as a flexible and self-critical approach or quasi investigation within an ambiguous cultural economy.

Over three weekends a series of performances and impromptu events: talks, screenings, workshops, live acts and food suggested by the 20 plus participating artists will accompany the works on display.

curated by Alexander Zika, Theo Prodromidis and Theo Michael.