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Garageland is a stylish arts and culture magazine published by Transition, from its base in East London. Garageland has been affectionately referred to as a 'cultural trash magazine' by The Guardian Guide's Jessica Lack, voted top of the ICA's Hit List and commended for its 'suggestions and provocations'in the Independent on Sunday (see more press comments here).

Conceived, written and illustrated by artists, each issue of Garageland has a distinct theme and features essays, fiction, gallery profiles and previews, artist features, film club, interviews and comment.

Garageland has been included in Kiosk at the ICA London and is part of the Publish and be Damned touring archive. Garageland Reviews is our regularly updated site for reviews of current exhibitions and other cultural events by a wide range of contributors.

Garageland is distributed by Central Books and is available to buy at all good art book outlets and online (see individual issue pages). Subscriptions are also available.

23: Living British Cinema
22: (Dificult) Women
: Urban Ghosts
20: Remake Remodel
: Self
18: Sex
17: Society
16: Machines
15: Collaboration
14: Film
13: Paint

12: Fake
11: Family
10: The Future
9:  Migration
8:  Nostalgia

7:  Rock 'n' Roll
- read Fantastic online
6:  Supernatural

5:  Beauty

4:  Painting and Translating
3:  Nature
2:  Baroque

1:  Machismo



Online Exclusives

Issue 21: The Crowd: Em Lockren
Issue 19
The full The Self in Speech by Susie Hamilton here
Issue 15: The Double Act Collector: Alex Pearl
Issue 14: Emo Cinema in the Age of Tumblr: Ella Plevin
Issue 12: Tudoresque: In Pursuit of the Ideal Home
          Interview with artist Lucy May
Issue 11:
The full It's a Family Affair list of families in bands here
Issue 9:  The full Whitechapel, The London Hospital and Migration here
Issue 4:
 All the Artists' Studios