Wear What You Like

Rose Wylie

11 October - 9 November 2008
Private View: Friday 10 Oct 6-9pm

Funeral of Yasser Arafat

Rose Wylie's first solo show at Transition is not as you might first think all about wardrobes and hangers. Wear What You Like is in fact about attitude, freedom and non-conformity. As Wylie herself explains 'perhaps it is an exchange between projections of me; what I wear and what I paint - the same thing roughly.'

So don't expect to find Gok, Susannah and Trinny, but do expect 'memory stills' - work about arresting film and TV images, and re-worked photos. What Wylie describes as 'an Oxfam approach to a painter's source material' includes Kill Bill , Penelope Cruz in Volver and Yasser Arafat's funeral. These everyman images are distilled to their essence and in some cases repeated in a form of painterly animation to make Wylie's distinctive large scale paintings and drawings.


Sitting on a Bench, 2007


There is a 16 page full colour Wear What You Like booklet with text by Emma Dexter available from the gallery priced at £1.50.


pages from the Wear What You Like booklet


Rose Wylie appears courtesy of Union gallery