Things We Lost in the Fire

Gordon Dalton / Ruth Claxton / Lloyd Durling / Mark Gubb / Merlin James / Cecile Johnson Soliz

1 - 23 July 2006
Private View Friday 30 June 6.30-9pm
Gallery open Fri, Sat, Sun 12-6pm

"a space where everything is quieter than everything else allowing more to be said"

The title Things We Lost in the Fire is taken from an album by Mormon miserabalists Low and hints at sentimentality, nostalgia and personal loss. The title is a clue but also intentionally misleading. It poses the questions what are these things, were they lost by mistake and misadventure, or were they unwanted and discarded intentionally?

Each of the six artists slalom down a path littered with attractions and obstacles such as irony, sincerity, romanticism, expressionism and faux-naiveté to find themselves sitting uncomfortably between poigniancy and the material nature of things; between attempts at greatness and contentment with a more sedate way of life.

Their work attempts to find its own space away from the fripperies of fashion and taste, between our expectations, aspirations and circumstances, between the everyday and the mythic, and between success and failure. The work attempts to remind us of the quiet existence of things, especially those that are taken for granted or overlooked. Rather than a dangerous disregard for innovation there is an understated approach that allows a slower, more considered way of looking, allowing new possibilities to occur.

With their emphasis placed on continuity, on revisiting and reconfiguring ideas these artists can be positively described as having a quiet aesthetic, without the need to shout for attention.

Things We Lost in the Fire is curated by Gordon Dalton