Michael Hammond

Original Works


Fold #1, fibre based hand print
Fold #2, fibre based hand print
Fold #3, archival inkjet print
Fold #4, fibre based hand print

All are mounted on Kappa foam board and framed within a plywood custom made frame. They are approx 26x26x2.5cm

£350 each

please contact the gallery to buy 


...by Michael Hammond

It seems to be a habit now to spend my New Years in Nagoya, a fair sized city located pretty much in the middle of Japan. Between catching up with old friends and places I spend a lot of time rambling, practicing street photography as I go. My relationship with Japan is fast approaching ten years now so the novelty of its landscape passed some time ago, but one aspect of its character that strikes me each time is the crispness of the daytime light and the sharpness of the shadows it creates. The feeling of absence is integral to the shadow, but despite its negativity I experience a phenomenon that is more akin to duplicating a space rather then subtracting from it. Inside the viewfinder the composition appears to double up on itself, whilst from outside of this strict space, other compositions stretch into view. Photography is usually associated with capturing that which is in front of the lens, but these photographs are also witness to memories that are to the side and also behind this singular point of view. Ephemeral forms of light and dark move graciously from one canvas to another, nothing is to stay still for long, permanence does not exist here. As I ramble, so does my camera and so do the shadows.

There's about a three hour window where the light is at its optimum, after which the viewfinder is folded away for the next day.


Fold #1 framed