Transition at the Whitstable Biennial

Artist Studio, Rear of 5 Harbour Street
(Entrance in Sea Street), Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1RG

Alex Michon


Alex Michon experiments with encrypted autobiography by imagining teenager Billy Roscoe's world as he forms his post twenty-first century rockabilly band.


Billy is no nostalgia merchant, he may idolise Bo Diddley, and Eddie Cochrane but he identifies with the King of Rockabilly, Charlie Feathers, who came from the rural poor of America's south. Seventeen-year-old Billy aligns himself with the urban poor of 2008, joins the Communist party and writes songs which are a call to arms against an encroaching conservatism.



The objects in That's Entertainment which include Billy's sketchbook, his ideas for album covers and the tie that Alex Michon embroidered for him, are mementos from this desiring world which both Billy and the artist share. 

You can read Billy's life story Rock-A-Billy Reverie in Arty 24: Entertainment


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