Supernature Project

The Pansy Project               Time Out, Gay & Lesbian Critics' Choice
Paul Harfleet

Poofy Boy  

meet the artist and take part on
Saturday 11 November 2006 between 2 & 4pm



Paul Harfleet’s Pansy Project involves revisiting city streets and planting pansies as close as possible to where he and his collaborators have received verbal homophobic abuse. These self-seeding pansies act as a living memorial to this abuse and operate as an antidote to it.

For Supernature he will be planting and documenting pansies at notorious sites of abuse in London and holding a drop in session at the gallery where you are invited to come in and collect a pansy to plant at a site where you have received abuse. Participants are then invited to photograph their planting and submit it for archiving on The Pansy Project website