Supernature Project

Make Do and Mend
Hilary Jack

view and take part on
Sunday 3 December 2006 at 2pm

Hilary Jack works across media, often utilising discarded material in research based, socially interactive projects which take place in the public domain.

For Transition Gallery, Hilary has collected discarded objects found on the streets surrounding the gallery. These objects have then been repaired, restored or rejuvenated and will be presented on her weblog and displayed in Transition Gallery on December 3rd where visitors will be invited to return them to their original locations on a walking tour with the artist.

Documentation of the project will be at Transition for the remainder of the Supernature series.

Make do and Mend was selected for Conflux 2006 in New York earlier this year and will be included in a group show in Budapest in 2007. The project raises issues surrounding consumer society and the concept of built-in obsolescence, while exploring notions of the good citizen.

Read more about the project on Hilary Jack's Blog