Sluice Art Fair

26 Sth Molton Lane, Mayfair, London


15-16 October 2011





Everyday life is boring. This mind numbing drudgery needs to be punctured by episodes of escapism – events and situations encountered not in actuality but as an observer and then lived out within our heads. The most powerful and easily accessible escapist experience for most people is provided by film – 90 min slices of someone else’s life.

'I decided to keep a diary of all the films that I watched, selecting one image from each to make into a small, rapidly executed painting, thereby providing a record of what it was that drew me in and kept me rapt. This could be viewed as one of those hugely un-scientific arbitrary exercises that artists indulge in. But as with any other recording of everyday events the choices that I make in watching one film rather than another says something about me and probably defines me at this moment in time as much as anything could.'
Cathy Lomax