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Ruth Calland  Sharon Gal  Esther Planas

February 12 – March 6 2005    Fri – Sun 1-6pm

Private View - Friday 11 February 6-9pm
With Performances by Dirty Snow & Sharon Gal

Social Drawing Machine - Participative Performance - 20 February 3pm

The Fun Side of Sin - Ruth Calland

Happiness is a Warm Gun - Esther Planas
Beyond the realms of mere conceptualism, beneath surface fripperies, three artists dive into the dark pools of their unconscious, treading that tricky tightrope between intellect and emotion. Their inner mapless journeys travel through the weird grimoires and deliriums of childhood to a warped wonderland on the edge of sanity. This unruly rampage around Mr Freud’s kooky cabinet of consultations cocks a snook at dusty theory and introduces a contemporary reworking of Modernism.

We Can Remember It For You - Sharon Gal

“in these places
               in which all reality turns into a howl and makes
               itself go away

something happens”

Kathy Acker – Blood and Guts in High School


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