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Ruth Calland  Sharon Gal  Esther Planas

February 12 – March 6 2005    Fri – Sun 1-6pm

Sharon Gal

Sharon Gal’s work deals with notions relating to the hidden, inner, eprivai world of childhood. The title of her series of drawings on tissues - We Can Remember It For You, is taken from a short story by Phillip K Dick, which explores the implementation of false memories. Her intensely coloured drawings on their delicate supports are of famous film stars as children. These icons robbed of their celebrity have an immense fragility intensified by the not knowingness about their future.

Gal has said, “there is a contrast between the sweet and naïve images and the text which accompanies them, which suggests hurt, pain and a sense of dark menacing atmosphere”. This juxtaposition creates an ambiguous and strangely disturbing narrative, which hints at nursery crimes, monstrous mothers and lullaby cheats.

Sharon Gal is a cross-disciplinary artist, performer and musician; she presents her own weekly show for Resonance104.4 FM.