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6 - 21 December 2003

Fri - Sun  12-6

Paul Becker, Kiera Bennett, Sophie Brown, Leigh Curtis, Sam Dargan,
Andrew Dodds, Annabel Dover, Alex Gene Morrison, Antonio Gianasi,
Nadia Hebson, Rebecca Gillieron, Paul The Girl, Sigrid Holmwood,
Michael Jackson, Mark Jones, Laura Lancaster, Cathy Lomax,
Fiona Lumbers, Alex Michon, Catherine Morland, Penny Neville Lee,
J A Nicholls, Nichola Ollis, Esther Planas, Damien Roach, Sophie Ruderman,
Emily Jo Sargent, Stella Vine, Vicky Wright, Isabel Young

Snow - Installtion View

Private View
Friday 5 December 6-9pm

Performance: Paul The Girl 7.30pm

It fell from frozen skies, pure white crystals silently buried the world.
Out of the icy mists a glistening landscape emerged.
Sublime and fatally seductive.