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Stuart McKenzie


McKenzie is an artist, illustrator, poet and musician. His work explores the performance of self through materiality, manifested through painting, poetry, performance and objects. McKenzie has exhibited at TG Gallery Nottingham, MIART Milan, Umwelt Mode Basel, Dinner Party Gallery, Blackwing Studios London and in 2020 in The Offending Article at Transition Two. He is widely published as a poet and featured in the Laudanum Chapbook Anthology series Volume 1. He is guitarist / vocalist with the band Wild Daughter.




Stuary McKenzie: An Account of Frederick McKenzie Playing
Johnny Cash Covers at Strangeways Prison, Manchester, 1973

Poetry and prose by Joanne Robertson, Tommy Sissons, Sue Johna, Tenzing Barshee, Patrick Cosgrove, Steve Hunt, Jody Porter, Anuta Pati, Julia Meier, Lisa Kelly, Sean Ashton, Austin Collings, Jasper Baydala, Cheryl Moskowitz, Tuffany Anne Tondut, Matthias Connor, Joe Devlin, David G Taylor.

1st Edition of 200
Published on the occasion of: Stuart McKenzie, Sesame Street
29 September - 18 November 2017 at TG, Nottingham

Published by TG
4 page card cover, 40 pages within
26 x 20.5cm
ISBN 978-0-9930536-2-7





Stuart McKenzie: Deo-Drawings

Drawings by Stuart McKenzie

Edition of 100
Published by Landfill Editions @TG, 2018

4 page card cover, 40 pages within
Various coloured covers, black and white within
20.5 x 14.5cm
ISBN 978-0-9930536-3-4






Stuart McKenzie 'Make Thicker. Match Eye'

Illustrations for beauty features by Stuart McKenzie

Signed and numbered in an edition of 100
published by Stuart McKenzie, 2018

16 pages
26 x 18cm






Laudanum Chapbook Anthology: Volume One
Joey Connolly   Philip Terry   Stuart McKenzie

Poetry Anthology


4 page card cover, 50 pages within
21 x 13.5cm