Sex and Witchcraft
Hilary Jack / Anne Marie Kennedy / Rachel Tweddell
Lisa Penny / Kate Street / Susan Taylor / Beata Veszely

15 February - 9 March 2008
Private View Thursday 14 February 2008, 6-9pm

Images left to right: Susan Taylor, Beata Veszely, Lisa Penny                         

A sinister beauty pervades the work of seven artists from London, Manchester and Budapest in Sex and Witchcraft. Working across media, often incorporating the use of found materials and tabletop techniques, the artists engage in a disturbing alchemy. Dabbling in the chemistry of first sighting and the magical fusion of opposing elements, the artists reveal a dark underbelly to the world of love and flowers, white horses and watercolours.

Kate Street's
drawings recall an ancient Greek belief that orchids sprung from the spilt semen of mating animals. Referencing anatomical studies and mutated Victorian etchings, her botany becomes a vehicle to convey associations of desire, striking a balance between the theatrical and the absurd. Kate Street was a finalist in The Celeste Art Prize 2006.

The transformation and rejuvenation of discarded materials are Hilary Jack 's concern. Her marriage of seemingly disparate objects collected from urban streets make for uncanny couplings. Hilary Jack has recently been included in group shows at CAC, Lithuania; CUBE, Manchester; Axel Lapp Projects, Berlin and Conflux 06, New York.

Lisa Penny 's collaged paintings and drawings fuse past and present cultures revealing an anthropological other worldliness of voodoo and mystery. Lisa had her first solo show at Gallerie Inges in Berlin in 2007.

Anne Marie Kennedy's sepia watercolour paintings and drawings reveal a disturbing world in which the subjects of her interest lie in the hinterland between sanity and madness.  Anne Marie has exhibited in group shows in the UK and Berlin.  

Susan Taylor makes images using collaged found images and paint in order to make different spaces collide and fuse into worlds that we both recognise and are estranged from. Susan's last exhibition was 'This is not a Collaboration' at Unit 2 Gallery in London. Susan is MFA Art Practice Course Leader at Goldsmiths College London. 

In Rachel Tweddell's trawl of generations of Romeos and Juliets, couples are shuffled and eras are switched, introducing randomness and confusion to the decisive moment of the couples' first meeting. Rachel has exhibited internationally, most recently at Art Forum, Berlin and Gasworks London

The spiritual relationship between horses and humans are the focus for Beata Veszely' s work. Through video and photography she reveals a dreamlike equine world of power and suppressed sexuality. Beata is based in Budapest and has shown recently in a group show at The Museum of Modern Art, Oxford and in 'On the Way to Heaven', a solo show at Galerie Balen, Croatia.

Images left to right: Anne Marie Kennedy, Rachel Tweddell, Kate Street, Hilary Jack

Gary Lachman author of 'The Dedalus Book of the Occult: A Dark Muse' and 'Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties' has contributed a contextual essay for the exhibition which is available from the gallery and will be in issue 6 of Garageland (available from April 2008).


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