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8-30 November 2003

The idea for Souvenir was conceived of by the artist / curator Paul Murphy to accompany Ruins (a show of prints by the Italian grand master Pirenasi). Souvenir features work by over 100 artists and photographers each responding in their own way to the souvenir theme.

Although often thought of as merely something we bring back from holiday a souvenir is actually something that reminds us of a particular time, place or person. For this show the photographic format imposes a discipline upon the artists whose references are otherwise extremely diverse and often very personal.

Whilst on display the photos will only be identified by their location or inspiration. They will all be available for sale and money raised will be put towards future Transition projects

Artists and Photographers taking part include:

Karen Adams
Yasmeen Al-Awadi
Chrissie Atkinson
Stav B
Olly Beck
Richard Birkett
Isha Bohling
Harry Borden
Steve Bowbrick

Amanda Bracken
Edwin Bradford
David Bradshaw
Harry Bradshaw
Rose Bradshaw
Clive Brandon
Jessica Broas
Matthew Burbridge
Giovanna Maria Casetta
Helen Cattell
Jane Chadwick
John Clayman
Theo Cowley
John Cranmer
Mark Croxford

Richard Dawson
Horst Diekgerdes
Roger Dilkes
Annabel Dover
Sarah Doyle
Viviana Duran
Catherine Dyer
Robert Ellis
Nili Feferberg
Jenn Gardner
Malcolm Garrett
Antonio Gianasi
Sarah Gifford
Cristina Golland
Andy Gollifer
Jane Grisewood
Neil Hamon
Sara Haq
Jane Henderson
Carol Ho
Nicholas Hughes
Isabel Ivars
David James
Martina Jenne
Mesbah Kazmi
Sue Kennington
Calum F. Kerr
Chris Koning
Cecile Krygier
Damian Lebas
Delaine Lebas
Arabella Lee
Daniel Lehan

Cathy Lomax
Pam Lomax
Sex Lovemat
Lady Lucy
Scotia Luhrs
Nicky Magliulo
Melanie Manchot
Shoko Maeda
Elizabeth Marongiu
Nora Maycock
Alex Michon
Joachim Mueller-Ruchholtz
Cliodha Murphy
Paul Murphy
Ana Nieto
Gary O'Connor
Marcus Oakley
Sandra Oates
Nichola Ollis
Maria Ostropolski
Bruno Pacheco
Theokritos Papadopoulos
James Payne
Mike Perry
Giacomo Picca
Alain Pichon
Georgia Platman
Theo Prodromidis
Damian Rafferty
Peter Robathan
Anne Rook
Melanie Rose
Jimo Toyin Salako
Hans Scheirl
Libby Shearon
Kaori Shiota
Sam Small
Maximiliana Spinola
Caroline Stevenson
Heidi Stokes
Srinivas Surti
Nora Tam
Melissa A. Thompson

Mimei Thompson
Pauline Thomas
Evdokia Topoui
Maren K. Ullrich
Edward Underwood
Stella Vine
Ray Ward
Marc Wilson
Saskia Wilson Brown
Peter Woodhead
Hugo Worthy
Yolanda Zappaterra
Alex Zika

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In association with Photomonth