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Ruins / Souvenir
8-30 November 2003

During November Transition is showing a project by the artist/curator Hugo Worthy which manifests as a collection of prints by the Italian grand master Piranesi. Alongside this is a collection of contemporary photographs inspired by the notion that the Pirenasi prints were originally bought as souvenirs of the Grand Tour. The juxtapositon of these two projects questions ideas about the position of the artist, the collector and the curator in the contemporary art world.
Souvenir - Installation View
Avanzi Degl' Aquedotti Neroniani
Pirenasi - 1790

A Project by Hugo Worthy
13 limited edition etchings by Pirenasi with accompanying text panels.

Curated by Paul Murphy

'Snapshot' photo souvenirs by over 100 different artists and photographers. All work is available to buy, money raised will fund future Transition projects - the artists will only be revealed at the end of the show

In association with Photomonth