The Painting Room

12 January - 10 February 2008
Private View Friday 11 January 6-9p

'The impression is that painting is alive and well, and bubbling-up artists can still deliver a fresh personal vision. There’s lots of works featuring women, a subject that Emma Talbot brings a discrete bedroom glamour to in Lost On Some Horizon. Fiona Michie’s Elevation is dreamy. Laura Oldfield Ford’s stacked people-boxes in London 2013 is a cool urbanist vignette. No pretensions here - just loads of real art.'
Herbert Wright
Le Cool 17-23 Jan


Henny Acloque, Michael Ajerman, Carolina Ambida, Eleni Bagaki, Kim Baker, Mike Bartlett, Olly Beck, Paul Becker, Patricia Beja, Julie Bennett, Amie Bolissian, Guy Bourner, Andrew Bracey, Joanna Bryniarska, Jake Clark, Jessica Coates, Katie Cuddon, Tahu Deans, Karen Douglas, Sarah Douglas, Annabel Dover, Tamara Dubnyckyj, Katarina Forss, Marenka Gabeler, Patrick Galway, Kirsten Glass, David Gledhill, Géraldine Gliubislavich, Paul Green, Julia Hamilton, Stephen Harwood, Teiji Hayama, Nadia Hebson, Camilla Hicks, Sigrid Holmwood, Rod Hunt, Luke Jackson, Sarah Jeffries, Annie Kevans, Rebecca Knapp, Adam Latham, Rob Leech,Jesse Leroy Smith, Iwan Lewis, Richard Livingston, Cathy Lomax, Lee Maelzer, Andrew Mania, Kate Marshall, Gary McDonald, Fiona Michie, Alex Michon, Eleanor Moreton, Ryan Mosley, Carlos Noronha Feio, Laura Oldfield Ford, Rachel Potts, Kelly Pretty, Emma Puntis, Harry Pye, Polly Read, Alli Sharma, Emma Talbot, Mimei Thompson, Hitoko Urago, David Webb, Jo Wilmot, David Wojtowycz, Simon Wright, William Wright, Rose Wylie


Combining the romance of a 19th century salon with a multitude of contemporary themes, The Painting Room showcases a comprehensive selection of the most exciting new painting today. The transformative quality of painting's language, its current vitality and its continuing ability to re-invent itself are all represented, showing how painting today is a multifaceted media of expression where ideas ranging from the playful to conceptual, fairytale to melancholic and historical to ultra-modern combine to reiterate the sheer exuberance of painting.