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Mark Croxford
13-28th September 2003  Fri-Sun  12-6pm

Sculptor Mark Croxford’s latest solo show, simply titled Mark Croxford, takes in the obsessions and explorations of the last six years, ranging from the forests of Estonia which the artist visits each summer to his drawings on glass first shown as part of the previous Transition show Scritch Scratch. Croxford’s passion for materials and their handling reveals itself in the depth and thoughtfulness in the execution of each of the pieces, setting off the deceptively simple subject matter that is drawn from the artist’s life.

The show is made up of a series of recent works that lead the visitor through the gallery space, inviting a narrative interpretation – the large wall-mounted abstracts that hint at industrial scale building plans introduce a log cabin that doesn’t so much recall a specific place but more a displaced memory. Alongside this a large drawing on glass is scratched out of red oxide with objects that have meant and continue to resonate with meaning: the empty house in the woods, games from childhood, holidays away.

On a formal level the show questions the relationship between the sculptural line in space and the line on the page: lines that define edges while adding colour, tone and light and lines that are themselves simply edges.

While the show has a strong sense of timelessness in its rejection of the fashionable and faddish, it also recalls a time, both historical and individual that pre-dates the split between what might be called ‘gallery art’ and the vernacular. As Mark Croxford says "In the show there’s no dividing line between folk art and high art"