Katherine Tulloh and Gary McDonald

2 May - 1 June
Private View and Launch of Garageland 6 - Thursday 1 May 6-9pm

In the lead up to next year's bicentenary of his birth there is a renewed focus on the life and work of Edgar Allen Poe. This re-evaluation has resulted in Harland Miller's homage You Dig the Tunnel... at White Cube, a high profile show with lots of art celebrity participants. Transition's take on the subject is by necessity more intimate and the resulting show, Mare Tenebrarum, befits the thoughtful, forward thinking reputation that the gallery has established...


Dreaming the life and fictions of Edgar Allan Poe and using him as a master and spirit guide, Katherine Tulloh considers death, beauty, imagination and inspiration as a way through darkness. Coralling fragmented cityscapes, characters and props, she projects drawn and painted images via mirrors and transparencies into precarious, ever-evolving sets, then photographs, animates and re-projects the staged illusions that result.

Gary McDonald's paintings are the ghosts of still lives, mediums for the secret life of things. They revisit echoes and shadows of objects, movements and memories - the manifestation of a place where, as in dreams, the familiar becomes strange. Gaston Bachelard writes 'each one of us, then, should speak of his roads, his crossroads, his roadside benches; each one of us should make a surveyor's map of his lost fields and meadows.' Gary's paintings take up this challenge.


The opening of Mare Tenebraum is accompanied by the launch of the new Supernatural edition of Garageland magazine which includes Katherine Tulloh's account of her Poe fascination; contributions from Marina Warner and Stewart Home; an exclusive interview with Ken Russell and a look at sprits, mediums and contemporary art.


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The Mare Tenebrarum private view and Garageland launch are kindly supported by Brahma