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Love N Bullets
13-15 Feb 2004
A 50+ Hours Continuous Event

Extended Run

Gallery Now Open

20-22 February  1-6pm

Delaine Le Bas @ PS I LOVE YOU

Friday 13 February

©PS I LOVE YOU© Opening event 6pm – till LATE

Open Invitation event. Artists are requested to bring along Valentine’s cards for their Favourite London Art Critic. After this ‘Networking’ evening the cards will be collected and hand delivered to the relevant persons. A love ‘league table’ will be compiled to find out who is the most popular Critic. In keeping with Valentine tradition Cards MUST remain anonymous. Are Critics still relevant and how recognisable is an artist’s style?

Live LOVE N BULLETS drawing by Damian and Delaine LeBas.
Music from: Octavcat, Takehiro Nishide and Romuald Wadych
In the Courtyard live painting by Nicko Maleddu

BED-IN - Amsterdam Hilton-   ALL NIGHT

A hybrid of Emin’s My Bed, Lucas’ Au Naturel, and Artschwager’s furniture sculpture forms the setting for a John & Yoko inspired Bed-In with accompanying Performance, Music and Chat. All are welcome. No Booking necessary. Warm clothes and sleeping bags NOT provided. Hot water bottles filled upon request. Join us in the Bed and draw on the ceiling with pens on the ends of long sticks. Art Peace? Bring material we’ll make you Pyjamas.

Includes 24hr performance from Calum F. Kerr, performers fromoxfordhousewithlove, music from Voltage, Joseph Burthe, poetry and chat from Douglas Park ...

Saturday 14 February

Revolver 11am – 6pm

A Revolutionary 7 hour show of Love N Bullets themed Diptychs. Every 30 minutes each Love and each Bullet panel (which will be hung during ©PS I LOVE YOU© by the artists themselves, in a location of their choosing) will be repositioned in relation to one another to form a continuously changing selection of works. Viewers are invited to don the pink fluffy ‘art handlers’ gloves and try their hand at curating. Bring along your favourite Love or Bullets music selection to work by. Artists include:

Phil Anderson, Artlab, Dave Ball, Adam Bankin, Mark Bell, Hannah Brown, Lee Campbell, Stephanie Cormier, Michael Hampton, Otaku Hikikomori, Sarah Doyle, Annabel Dover, Jasper Joffe, Daniel Lehan, Cathy Lomax, Catherine Marche, Josie McCoy, Kev Rice, Jason Synott, Stella Vine, Floyd Varey, Ana Vicente, Sydna Younson, 4EB

Allergies and Menu Preferences Considered 6 – 9pm

Gallery closed for an intimate Valentine’s night meal.
The winners of the ‘Dinner for 2 Lottery’ drawn at the FEAST exhibition, Millers House, E3 - December 2003 will partake in a meal which will be prepared and served onsite by artist Lucia Cipriano.
Free leftover BarBQ ‘Love Bites’ and cheap cocktails after 9pm.

BED-IN Montreal Queen Elizabeth After 9pm – ALL NIGHT

Morecambe & Wise (via Gilbert & George) meets the Stuckist’s mantra “A Bed is NOT an Artwork, it is for sleeping in.” Hair peace? Can you see the join! A second night of freeform Performance, Music and Chattering teeth. Bring Pro Plus. Again All are welcome. No Booking necessary. First come first served. Come and try our bubble-wrap slippers.

Musicians and performers include: Wiebke Morgan, Justin Coombes, Joe Mirza ..


Sunday 15 February

SHOWDOWN 11am – 6pm

TV Monitors, which will start to creep into the Gallery the previous evening, will be arranged into a heart shaped configuration for a Love N Bullets themed video shootout. Initially all the sound will be set at the same level but visitors are invited to do their own mixing of volumes, or duck and cover.

Videos from: MOT, Samantha Caine, Kate Forrest, Mirande Sharp, Antonio Gianasi, Sharon Gal, Darran Leaf, Lucia Cipriano, Rachel Ortaz ...

TV Dinners 6pm onwards
Bring down your Microwavable TV Dinners and some beer and enjoy a relaxing wind-down evening of films with a War and/or Romance theme. All are welcome. From Here to Eternity or Gone with the Wind?


All Weekend

sign in, in the special visitors book by Alex Michon


During the entire weekend a large-scale Kissing Machine will be constructed in the courtyard outside the Gallery.

Artists: Jason Synott, Shane Bradford, Aragorn Horner, Nik Ramage.