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Goth Moth




Goth Moth
Emma Talbot, Stella Vine, Tobi Deeson, Cathy Lomax, Alex Michon,
Nicky Magliulo, Mimei Thompson, Shane Waltener, Claire Pestaille

November 20 – December 19 2004 Fri – Sun 1-6pm
Tobi Deeson

Non Biological - Installation View

"In general my work is concerned with the consequences of other peoples' actions. Our fragility is our strength, our acceptance of our history vital. I replay situations from my childhood or from those of childhood victims and attempt to explore, or just dwell, on their emotions, then and now. I want to communicate the consequences that childhood experiences have on our adult lives, to expose the scars and mourn the losses. To look back so that we can move forward."

Tobi Deeson Nov 2004