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Goth Moth




Goth Moth
Emma Talbot, Stella Vine, Tobi Deeson, Cathy Lomax, Alex Michon,
Nicky Magliulo, Mimei Thompson, Shane Waltener, Claire Pestaille

November 20 – December 19 2004 Fri – Sun 1-6pm
Mimei Thompson

Untitled - Acrylic on Board - 2004
"The natural and the artificial are the subject of my work. Whilst referring to the longing for a connection with nature, I hope to suggest some complications in our relationship with this form of nostalgia, and draw attention to how we process information and construct realities. Rorscharch imagery and computer manipulations take the work out the other side of the landscape genre into psychological and visionary space, where the viewer can project into the painting. There is a feeling of disorientation and dislocation, a sense of search and of construction rather than representation.

In the work, the image of the garden is employed to stand in for the idea of a suspended place, where something natural is manipulated, but there are always excess factors, beyond human control. The iconic image of a mass of growing forms, writhing in a void, is also used. The work is about constructions of nature, but also the unknowable, cruel, severe magic of the proliferations of nature itself.

Strands that make up a painting, such as the surface, the image, the illusory space behind the picture-plane, balance together at a point that fluctuates between disintegration and the creation of a new, imaginary space. Baroque excesses of brush-marks suggest both the organic and the generated. The obviously constructed nature of the painting is an important factor. Time in the work is evidenced through indexical marks tracing the hand of the maker. As a viewer spends time with a painting, different levels of representation become evident, and artifice takes over. The tension of dynamic contradiction is key. Neons meet earth; colours flip from naturalistic to the artificial, tuned to the frequency of a hyper-world."

Mimei Thompson, November 2004