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Goth Moth




Goth Moth
Emma Talbot, Stella Vine, Tobi Deeson, Cathy Lomax, Alex Michon,
Nicky Magliulo, Mimei Thompson, Shane Waltener, Claire Pestaille

November 20 – December 19 2004 Fri – Sun 1-6pm
Claire Pestaille

The Witches After Party - Oil on Canvas - 2004

"The triptych entitled The Witches After Party is appropriated from Goya’s Flying Witches, 1798, currently at the Prado in Madrid. Reconstructing this powerful painting, my aim was to create a pictorial narrative that captured the aftermath events of the Flying Witches, imagining the scenes or the subsequent paintings by Goya, now dispersed, that have never been shown, or have been lost in time. My interpretation draws out symbolic, religious and political connections in a poetic and perverse play with residues of the past and the present."

Claire Pestaille Nov 2004