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Goth Moth




Goth Moth
Emma Talbot, Stella Vine, Tobi Deeson, Cathy Lomax, Alex Michon,
Nicky Magliulo, Mimei Thompson, Shane Waltener, Claire Pestaille

November 20 – December 19 2004 Fri – Sun 1-6pm
Cathy Lomax

It's Me, I'm Cathy -
Oil, Collage and Stitching on Canvas - 2004

Fresh faced from the icy moor I run to London and the 100 club, Mittageisen and Love in a Void. I'm a drummer now, straight-faced; chest thrust forward, silent movie pan stick and heavy kohl. My husband chooses all my clothes he likes me this way. Now I'm freewheeling down a hill, red cloak flying behind me, Sheela-na-gig you exhibitionist you. If only I could escape from this island, nobody understands me and I'm late for my Vogue shoot.

Cathy Lomax - November 2004