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Girl on Girl   17 Jan - 8 Feb 2004     Fri - Sun  1-6

Liz Neal
Liz Neal’s subject matter is often culled from fashion and consumerism; her work juxtaposing the slick and disposable with the carefully crafted and handmade. Her recent shows include Gloriana at One in the Other and her work is currently part of The Saatchi Gallery’s new displays. She has a solo show at Store in February 2004

Pissing Goth - Oil on Canvas

Arty interviews Liz

Where did you grow up?
in the wilderness of North Wales

Is there a new Girly sensibility in Art?

not that i feel particually aware or in tune with. This question suggests to me some kind of spice girls fad type notion is being exhumed

What star sign are you? leo

What influences and inspires you?
the Wallace collection and tv

Is it important or irrelevant for women artists to engage with the art world on a political level?

art is political the world is political we all engage

Is your work particularly female or feminine?

i dont register it as’s a genetic accident that i am a girl but it is no accident that i make art.

Do you think little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice?
not really. although a glamour can make such a notion appear true.


This interview appears in the Feb 2004 issue of Arty