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Girl on Girl
17 Jan - 8 Feb 2004

Fri - Sun  1-6

Private View
Friday 16 January 6-9pm
Performance: HK119 7.30pm

Delaine Le Bas / Cathy Lomax / Alex Michon / Liz Neal / Stella Vine

Fucking Yellow Brick Road -
Delaine Le Bas

Girl on Girl examines a new sensibility in art. Made by girls and about girls it makes a virtue of discontent, sexual disruptiveness and bad manners. This work reclaims the girly and the slutty not in a riot girl, feminist or ‘woman in art’ way but with a cultural celebration, that has both the shy and the brash as equal role models. Think PJ Harvey, Frida Kahlo, The Slits, Karen Kilimnik, Artemisia Gentileschi, Patti Smith, Meg White, think sense of conviction and to hell with the consequences.

These girls know they’re smart, they don’t have to justify their romantic, sensitive, hesitant, angry, witty, dark, naïve, quirky work – they just make it. This show defines their new aesthetic, it’s both honest and tongue in cheek and gives a barely interested come on to any posturing males. Girl on Girl is above all not about being nice.

To accompany the Girl on Girl exhibition there is a special Girls edition of the art fanzine Arty. It contains interviews with all the G on G artists including Stella Vine and some specially commissioned artwork by Liz Neal as well as lots of other features.

The issue is now sold out but highlights from it appear in the compilation book Arty Greatest Hits