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Girl on Girl    17 Jan - 8 Feb 2004     Fri - Sun  1-6

Cathy Lomax

Chechen Rebel - Oil on Canvas

Doll - Oil on Paper
Bad Girls
Cathy Lomax paints the girls she becomes in her dreams and nightmares. Kim Marsh, Angela Davis and Chechen terrorists are combined and romanticised, creating a disjointed landscape of the unnatural.

Arty interviews Cathy

Where did you grow up?
Croydon, Kenya, Surrey

Is there a new Girly sensibility in Art?

yes, in so far as girly means the freedom to be girly without fear of reproach

What star sign are you? Cancer

What influences and inspires you?
Generally - iconic images, music, films, books, radio. Specifically - Elvis, Robbie, Punk, Kitchen Sink, Tenessee Williams, Iris Murdoch, Sarah Waters, Shirley Collins, Old books about the royal family, post-war Britain, the 40s,the 50s, Americana, Alex Katz, James Rielly, Amy Adler, Dirk Bogarde, Richard Burton, John Currin, art, Nadia Hebson, The Red Shoes, Arsenal FC, The White Stripes, Reality TV

Is it important or irrelevant for women artists to engage with the art world on a political level?

why should it be any different for a female artist rather than a male? It is important for any artist to do this if it is important to them

Is your work particularly female or feminine? maybe, I can’t tell. It is just about stuff I am interested in

Do you think little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice?
absolutely not but boys are made of puppy dogs tails.

This interview appears in the Feb 2004 issue of Arty