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Fuck Art, Let's Paint
17 Sep – 23 Oct 2005
Private View Friday 16 Sep 7-9pm

Mike Bartlett, Tine Grandalen, Hilde Grandalen, Rebecca Knapp, Jo Wilmot

Five artists forget why and just do it, losing themselves in the sheer exuberance and necessity of painting. The allure, the smell of turps, the visceral pleasure of paint. These artists have what Sabine Folie calls the “grotesque love of painting”.
Norwegian twins Tine and Hilde Grandalen both concern themselves with the loss of innocence but depict it in very different ways. Tine’s sketchily winsome figurative paintings are fragments of personal histories and reinvented memories. Hilde is a latter day Pollock, her abstract paintings resound with a rhythmically vital splattered energy.
Rebecca Knapp paints displays of hyper masculinity that become odd and unusually fragile when transferred from their internet snap-shot origin to the canvas. She injects a seriousness and machismo into these benign leisure activities. In this series the glamour of Formula One is replaced with balding characters earnestly engaged in trivial pursuits on a wet Sunday in Norfolk.

Jo Wilmot is absorbed by decadence and disintegration, in a journey that takes her from Fitzgerald to Waugh. She dips her brush into a palette of jewel colours to create atmospheric paintings of luscious decaying gardens glowing with nonchalant excess. These magic hour paintings evoke long gone carefree days of champagne and silk shirts.

Mike Bartlett makes paintings of paintings (and galleries and shows and people) – he has visited every show at Transition this year armed with his camera. Back in his studio he turns his photographs into loosely expressive paintings. Captured moments from an art day out where every ‘ism’ is turned back into paint.