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Dominic Allan, Doug Jones, Cathy Lomax, Matt Rowe, Tabitha Moses

14 June - 13 July 2008
Late First Thursdays Opening - Thursday 3 July 6-9pm



And so we rush off the train into the teeming throng... and stroll into the ever-changing world of the playful crowd. In these distinct realms of pleasure, we will see our past and present culture in new ways (and) find our deepest and most superficial longings before us.
Gary S. Cross & John K. Walton, The Playful Crow

Fan Fair rolls out a group of artists whose work deals with the spectacle of seaside sensations. Based not at the seaside but in the heart of Hackney, Fan Fair is however more theatrical re-enactment than social documentary.

Fan Fair invites you to roll up to an imaginary enclave of cheap spills and thrills. A rock-dipped walking stick jostles for space alongside impossibly delicate ceramic skittles, a freak show deep-sea diver, a decidedly deviant helter skelter and smutty souvenir hankies, while in the corner Madam Sosostris steps out from Eliot's Wasteland to read your cards.

Following on from last summer's O Dreamland, Transition's off-site examination of that curious British allure of all things seasidey, Fan Fair returns the favour by bringing a whiff of the seaside to the city.

Fan Fair's sister show That's Entertainment is running in Whitstable until 6 July 2008


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