The English Museum
20 August - 11 September 2005




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The English Museum
Cathy Lomax & Alex Michon

20 Aug – 11 Sep 2005

Private View Friday 19 August 7-9pm
8pm - Live performance from The Pancakes


There is a light that never goes out - Morrissey

A stately home on celebrity love island - Jordan as Mrs Minerva -the loneliness of the long distance hoodies - Canterbury Tales of gay priests and lecherous MPs - feral youths tip their caps to Johnny Rotten’s sneer - the end of the pier - gor blimey - cups of tea - Pete Doherty - our own private Albion - Prescott’s homes for heroes - location, location, location - as long as it’s not in my back yard - know your neighbours - asbos - afros - Bangra beats - you’re never alone with a Strand - gawd love a duck - don’t give a fuck - sweet Margaret Rose.

Think only this of me that the lure of Englishness has got me in its grip. The nowness and thenness may have been hijacked by the right wing but elsewhere young bands dream and scheme, write poetry and search for a New England unfettered by dark islomania.

For The English Museum, Cathy Lomax and Alex Michon tamper with the tabloids and mess with their own nostalgia as they make do and mend an exhibition where Powell and Pressberger mise en scene painted backdrops open on to a veritable gallery of present day rogues, rapscallions, busty blondes and disreputable toffs.

Transition would like to thank Stone's Ginger Wine and Bronnley for their support of this project