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Studio Secrets

Peter Doig

Photos by Paul Murphy

Describe the things and images that you have around you in your studio and how they influence or inform your work.

The only things in my studio that influence my work are the images that I am working with - these are either photographic or drawn or painted images that are derived form photographic sources. Other than that books, magazines, music the usual stuff you find in artists studios

Describe your working methods and processes.

Not many methods or processes (try to avoid such traps) - usually inspired to work between 2pm and 7 pm

Which single item in your studio is most important to your work?

Table tennis table (just outside the door) + music player inside

Which artist/s most influence your work and which recent show has been inspirational?

Way too many to list and a good recent show was 'Glitter and Doom' at the Met and Bacon and late late Picasso in Dusseldorf Rene Daniel rooms at Bonnefanten

Is your studio a refuge or a place of torture?

This is about the 12th different place I have had as a studio over the last 23 or so years. I have been here 4 years but it still feels somewhat temporary - as they all did. This one is hot and very dusty but has a good atmosphere in the afternoon and evenings when it cools down. I like it a lot - apart from the dust - a greasy type of dust caused by diesel fumes and burning garbage they say... The room is a good size to be close to the paintings