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Garageland 4

Studio Secrets

A studio is central to the creative life of a painter, a private space where everything happens. 25 artists opened their doors to Garageland to reveal exactly what inspires and informs their work.

We want to look at the things in your studio that inspire your work, we said. In reality this isn't always an easy thing to do. Studios are often places where things gather - not all of which may be relevant to current work, there is often no delineation between work in progress, source materials, art materials and essentials such as tea and chocolate biscuits. Often objects will gather and then dissipate as they are needed and then finished with. Some painters build their source material into towering piles of detritus while other, neater artists methodically store and catalogue their sources. All of these examples can be found in the following images of 25 very different painter's studios, which are accompanied by illuminating insights into their working practices.

Vicky Wright's studio, Hackney London


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Edwina Ashton
Olly Beck
Andrew Bick
Isha Bøhling
Andrew Bracey
Clive Brandon
Emily Cole
Peter Doig
Sarah Douglas
Lee Edwards
Andy Harper  
Nadia Hebson
Sigrid Holmwood
Ursula Llewellyn
Cathy Lomax
Lee Maelzer
Tom Ormond
Claire Pestaille
Clunie Reid
Emma Talbot
Stella Vine
Mimei Thompson
Jo Wilmot
Vicky Wright