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The Critical Friend 6

The Critical Friend is a collection of reviews by artists.


Issue 6 (Winter 2007) includes reviews of:

Andrea Buttner Tolzblock at Rachmaninoffs by Rachel Potts
Tintagel Residency
by Jan Frith
Give me Shelter at Union by Caroline Higgs
Maria Marshall at F A Projects by Emily Candela
Gustavo Ciriaco & Andrea Sonnberger at Liverpool Biennial by Helen Kaplinsky
USA Today at The Royal Academy by Olly Beck & Mike Bartlett
Expo 2006 in Nottingham by Matt Roberts
Pat O'Connor at Ashwin Street by Cathy Lomax
Billy Childish at The Aquarium by Ronald Gunnar-Hoo
The Barcelona Art Scene by Olly Beck
Sarah Doyle's Celebrated Sobriquets at The Surgery by Alex Michon
The Turner Prize by Rachel Potts
Latitude at The Fieldgate Gallery by Didi Lin
Dynamic Entropy at Houldsworth by Charlie Potter
Extenuating Circumstances at Grey Area by Mike Bartlett
Richard Crow by Esther Planas
Annabel Dover's Oriole at Transition Gallery by Mike Bartlett