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art, culture and ideas

22: (Difficult) Women



Left: James Gillray, An Old Maid on A Journey, 1804, etching, published by Hannah Humphries. Right: Artemisia Gentileschi, Susanna and the Elders, 1610-11, 170x121 cm, Schönborn Collection, Pommersfelden, Germany

Contributors to Garageland (Difficult) Women are:
David Bradshaw, Rose Bradshaw, Kirsty Buchanan, Dr Sarah Burdett, Jennifer Campbell, Sarah Cleaver,
Dr Jessica Clement, Rosemary Cronin, Sarah Doyle, Lisa Duffy, Grant Foster, Christabel Johanson,
Dr Arlene Leis, Yi Ling Huang, Cathy Lomax, Dr Amber Ludwig, Dr Anna Mercer, Alex Michon,
Dr Stephanie J Miller, Asia Montanari, Louis Newby, Alice Pember, Dr Adam Perchard, Cathie Pilkington, Nicole Polonsky, Dr Lindsay Porter, Dr Ruth Scobie, Alli Sharma, Dr Basia Sliwinska,
Dr Elizabeth Spencer, Toby Upson, Dr Jane Wildgoose, Fionn Wilson.