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art, culture and ideas

issue thirteen: Paint


Everyone Wants to Understand Painting: Oliver Clegg's puzzling crossword.

Painting, Painting, Everywhere:
issue introduction by Cathy Lomax.

Kirsty Buchanan and Paul Kindersley's eclectic selection of short writings on painting take in Hitchcock's Suspicion, the strange paintings of Robert Pinget, Jane Fonda as a lobster and a Pre-Raphaelite muse.

Swallowing My Mother Blue: Carol Mavor's paean to the colour of the deep. 

A Strangeness of Vision:
Stephen Harwood unpicks the mystical landscapes Graham Sutherland.

The Afro Tondo:
cover artist Ryan Mosley talks to Alli Sharma

Painting as Desire:
Alex Michon looks at the work of four artists, Kaye Donachie, Michaël Borreman's, Caroline Ambida and Georgie Flood.

Paint Pant:
Jonny Roberts mingles fact and fiction indiscriminately in this unconventional call to 'come back and see my etchings'.

Painting + Idea = Painting / Idea + Painting = Conceptual Painting: Painting does not have to be dumb, says Andrew Bracey, sometimes it even has ideas.

Moods With A Sonorous Backbeat:
Wilhelm Sasnal
talks to Alli Sharma about painting, filmmaking and the links between the two.

Gabriel Hartley explais his recent work to Sarah Bowker Jones.

Divine Amateurism:
Rachel Potts considers Mexican votive painting in the wider context of untutored art.

Paint is Shit:
Jonathan Parsons travels from Paul McCarthy to Basquiat in a whistle stop tour through the brown stuff.

Malerie: Painting as Object:
Sarah Kate Wilson, Sarah Bowker Jones and Natalie Gale look at three paint off the canvas case studies.

Contemporary landscape painting from Clare Woods to David Hockney, a tradition genre that still rocks says Marianne Morild.

Looking and Being Looked At: Cathy Lomax on A Bigger Splash.
Painting with Celluloid: David Lynch and Francis Bacon by Kevin Broughton.
A Mouse is not a Gnome: James Payne on the enduring attraction of animation.

Vitamin P2: New Perspectives in Painting: Barry Schwabsky
talks to Alli Sharma.
In the Artist’s Studio: Alexis Harding
Paint Paint Paint: recent painting shows in London and beyond.
I woz ere/I am ere: George Shaw's homecoming by Corinna Spencer.
Are Louisa Chambers’ Paintings Abstract? by Ruth Solomons.
Insight: Lindsey Bull's nebulous Globe.  
Going the Distance: does Neo Rauch still have it wonders CAP?
Caution: Slippery When Wet: Alli Sharma considers the materiality of paint.
Previews: actor and art collector, Russell Tovey's selection of upcoming painting shows.
The Perfect Nude: Dan Coombs asks whether the nude is still a meaningful subject.



Broughton, Kirsty Buchanan, Lindsey Bull, CAP, Alex Chappel, Sarah Cleaver, Oliver Clegg, Dan Coombs, Lauren Currie, Clara Drummond, Natalie Gale, Patrick Galway, Mary Garner, Stephen Harwood, Paul Kindersley, Cathy Lomax, Anna McNay, Carol Mavor, Alex Michon, Marianne Morild, Ryan Mosley, Paul Murphy, Jonathan Parsons, James Payne, Rachel Potts, Jonny Roberts, Alli Sharma, Peter Simpson, Ruth Solomons, Corinna Spencer, Mimei Thompson, Russell Tovey, Alice Turner, Virginia Verran, Sarah Kate Wilson, Ben Woodeson.




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