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E9: an anatomy of an area

October 16 – November 14 2004 Fri – Sun 1-6pm
Private View – Friday 15 October 6-9pm

Gary O'Connor
This has really happened.
This is an audio recording made by the artist of a thunderstorm, over Victoria Park.

Let me paint a picture for you:
  A man and woman stand beneath one of the large black poplar trees which forms the great avenue that winds its way through the open park land – from east to west.
In the distance, young black men in BMW’s speed up Grove Road; the absence of loud music is due to the Government’s recent ban on audio equipment in mot or vehicles. Overweight white men in white transit vans also occupy the road: the absence of music is due to the lack of interest.

This isn’t a recording of just one thunderstorm; but of several, all pasted together to create the artist’s own personal storm.

  The woman’s hands are wet and cold. She slides her left hand into her coat pocket and the other into her companions open palm. He gently squeezes her fingers in recognition. From beneath the shelter of the tree, the couple survey the Parks expanse in silence.
Distant rumbles: blanket bombing over Hackney. Anti-aircraft guns in the park do their best to bring down the enemy.

This is not a recording of a thunderstorm in a park but in fact a variety of other sounds designed to sound like one.

  A thin layer of mist sits just inches above the grass. The majestic form of a fountain rises up from clusters of white roses into the beating rain. Its gilded cherubs spit forth saliva whilst trying to escape the coils of giant serpents which weave their way skywards.
He looks into her eyes. She smiles, despite all things she is lost. A dog barks in defiance as a car bomb explodes in Lauriston Road.

This recording wasn’t made in Victoria Park but in the artist’s own garden in Cambridgeshire.

  An ornithologist plays a tape recording of bird songs: the two lovers watch as the elderly gentleman does his best to communicate with the crows, but all he attracts is pigeons.

A man has been paid by the artist to dig a hole in Victoria Park.
This has really happened.



This text accompanies the sound piece in E9 at Transition by Gary O'Connor