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Roger Huddle

Roger Huddle left school in 1961 and soon discovered soul music, jazz and beat poetry. The outbreak of the Vietnam War marked the beginning of his political activism: at the age of 18 he became a Socialist and by 20 a Revolutionary. He studied at the Ruskin University where he fell in love with history and the arts. He became a designer: he worked for Socialist Worker, and throughout the 1970s designed for agitprop theatre. In 1976, along with his friend Red Saunders, he co-founded Rock Against Racism, an organisation instrumental in the fight against the National Front. RAR's policy was to always have black and white artists alongside each other at their events, most of which were reggae and punk bands.

In 1989 Huddle went back to college to study photography at the Polytechnic of Central London and then went on to work for a trade union. In 2001 he became seriously ill and nearly died. During his 16 months of convalescence he began to write. This led to a creative writing course with Michael Donaghy at the Birkbeck in London. In 2007 he completed an MA called Writing the Visual at Norwich School of Art and Design. He has now returned to the Birkbeck where he is presently studying a BA in History of Art and also runs the William Morris Culture Club.



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