Private View 7 April 2006 6-9pm
Runs from 8 April - 7 May 2006
Gallery open Fri - Mon 11-6pm and by appointment

I should define as Baroque that style which deliberately exhausts (or tries to exhaust) all its possibilities and which borders on its own parody… I would say that the final stage of all styles is baroque when that style only too obviously exhibits or overdoes its own tricks.
A Universal History of Infamy - Jorge Luis Borges, preface to 1954 edition

The sublime and the ridiculous, the grotesque and the beautiful, the overdone and the overflow, melodrama and ecstasy, a passionate taste for life and its sensations, excessive complexity, contorted and convoluted, showing us a world where matter is continuously in motion.

Baroque My World, brings together thirteen London-based artists, whose work encompasses a range of media and reflects upon various aspects of the Baroque. It is the inaugural show at Transition Gallery’s new premises and is curated by Mimei Thompson

Mimei Thompson  Annie Attridge  Jonathan Baldock  Petros Chrisostomou
Florencia Durante  Antonio Gianasi  Sarah Gillham  Anthea Hamilton  
Lee Maelzer  Simeon Nelson  Michael Whittle  Nicola Woodham  Joseph Walsh

Extra events will include film screenings on Saturday 22 April at 7pm, and Sunday 30 April at 2pm. Work of various artists, including
Lali Chetwynd and JJ Stevens will be shown.

Mimei Thompson - Entanglement (Part 1)        Florencia Durante - Lula Handball 1