Private View 7 April 2006 6-9pm
Runs from 8 April - 7 May 2006
Gallery open Fri - Mon 11-6pm and by appointment

Nicola Woodham

stills from the video Blush Response

Nicola Woodham works with drawing, film and installation.

A recurring theme in her work is the romance of the inexplicable. She references the gothic motif of the haunted site: the old house in legion with a dark force, or the troubled psyche of the 'visited' individual. The work is driven by a fear and a delight of sexual overspill. Recent projects include Interval (2), The Slade Research Centre, a confluence of film makers and theorists influenced by the work of Deleuze; Slayer Rules at Pearlfisher Gallery and Chronic Epoch at Beaconsfield Gallery.

"It's about a couple who feel that somewhere, just on the border of consciousness - or on the other side of that border - are bad, bad problems. They can't bring them into the real world and deal with them. So this bad feeling is just hovering there, and the problems abstract themselves and become other things. It just becomes like a bad dream."
David Lynch on Lost Highway

"Fingers that never entwine, eyes that do not see you, for they are forced to look away towards these walls, laden with carvings, crystal mirrors, and outmoded pictures. Fake cornices. False doors and deceiving views. False exits."
Last Year at Marienbad