15 Nov - 21 Dec 2008

Gallery Open Fri-Sun 12-6pm

The synthesis of music and art has a long history from pop to post modern, with particular songs becoming integral to the making of individual pieces of work. As Peter Doig recently remarked when asked if he listened to music whilst painting, 'don't all artists?'

Lyrics can develop a particular artistic poignancy and with this in mind Transition have asked over sixty artists to make a new work inspired by a favourite lyric for the show Awopbopaloobop.

L to R: Carolina Ambida, Alli Sharma, Claire Pestaille, Eleanor Moreton, Jo Wilmot

Unsurprisingly Awopbopaloobop features a diverse array of lyrics from the political rallying cry of the Internationale to the kitsch pop of Madonna via The Ting Tings, Joy Division, The Smiths, Dead or Alive, Pavement, Neil Young, The Jam, The Sisters of Mercy and many more. Using a variety of media Awopbopaloobop transforms this cacophony of passionately felt lyrical paeans into visual manifestations of aural desire.  

Participating artists are: Michael Ajerman, Carolina Ambida, Majed Aslam, Mike Bartlett, Olly Beck, Paul Becker, Lindsey Bull, Jorge Cabieses Valdes, Melanie Carvalho, Rachel Cattle, Jake Clark, Mark Croxford, Sam Dargan, Roger Dilkes, Annabel Dover, Sarah Doyle, Tamara Dubnyckyj, Rob Eagle, Patrick Galway, Mikey Georgeson, Antonio Gianasi, Mark Gubb, Roderick Harris, Stephen Harwood, Nadia Hebson, Rachael House, Paul Housley, Marc Hulson, Jasper Joffe, Annie Kevans, Hannah Knox, Lady Lucy, Cathy Lomax, Andrew Mania, Jennifer Merrell, Alex Michon, Eleanor Moreton, Natasha Morland, Tabitha Moses, Paul Murphy, Ben Newton, Marcus Oakley, Gary O'Connor, Nina Ogden, Laura Oldfield Ford, James Payne, Claire Pestaille, Esther Planas, Rachel Potts, Harry Pye, Polly Read, DJ Roberts, Joseph Ryken, Alli Sharma, Joe 'Sh*tter' Boyce, Charlie Stanley, Keara Stewart, Ilona Szalay, Emma Talbot, Chris Taylor, Emma Thatcher, Abbi Torrance, Gavin Toye, Katherine Tulloh, Edward Weldon, Simon Willems, Jo Wilmot, Lara Viana

The show coincides with the rock 'n' roll issue of Garageland Magazine which features interviews with Jarvis Cocker, Thurston Moore and Bernard Rhodes; original artwork by Peter Liversidge; the top ten art bands as well as writing by and interviews with some of the Awopbop' artists. The magazine will be launched at Transition Gallery on Sunday 30 Nov between 3 and 6pm.