Location: Transition Gallery
Auction Times: 27 Nov 2010, 7-9pm
Viewing Times: 25-27 Nov, 12-6 pm

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ART BLITZ Insider Picks

We asked a series of art insiders to choose five pieces from ART BLITZ...




Zavier Ellis, Director of CHARLIE SMITH london



'My choices are based on instinct as they always are. If I like it then I consider showing or buying it. I’m attracted to the raw expressive spirit of these artists and the combinations of image and text, which is a bit of an obsession of mine. I’m also prone to the themes they are investigating – the gothic, sex, mortality, the apocalyptic. At least this accounts for Joffe, O’Mahony, Vine and Lamb. As for Puntis, I’m a big fan and have two of her paintings. So I’ll take a blind punt on her without seeing the image. I think about her work often and wonder where she has got to – I’d like to see more of it around again.'



Jasper Joffe
Like a Virgin

Michael O’Mahony


Stella Vine
Untitled (Tell him the truth doctor!)

Peter Lamb
The Unemployed Prophet


Emma Puntis
Bea in The Studio




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