Location: Transition Gallery
Auction Times: 27 Nov 2010, 7-9pm
Viewing Times: 25-27 Nov, 12-6 pm

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ART BLITZ Insider Picks

We asked a series of art insiders to choose five pieces from ART BLITZ...




Russell Tovey


Phillip Allen, Between the Soup and the Cheese - version 1
I Have seen his work at the Approach gallery and also at Transition and have always been struck with it. I like his bold use of paint within these abstract landscapes, making them almost sculptural. This work is also framed within a red border, containing the cartoony figures in their dark room and adding a retro feel to the painting.

Annabel Dover, Deck
I have collected many of these small works by Annabel, I think this is part of her One a Day for a Year series. Which is exactly what she did, painted a wooden tile like this one, every day for a year. And they all come from memories in her life, and things that have fascinated her growing up, and are beautiful and small and delicate but completely compelling. I really like Annabel's painting style and the scale of these works, and in turn her fascinating memories fascinate me...

Sigrid Holmwood, Milking Time
I have seen Sigrid's work in the Saatchi Gallery twice and have always found it an interesting combination of old fashioned, quite un-cool and dated peasant style scenes. Like something I would have imagined my Nan would have had on her wall in her home. But these are finished off in zany neon psychedelic tempur paints. Which suddenly zips them forward to a new age, making them completely current, whilst creating her own language within these depicted working class characters' personalities. I think she creates a good talking point with her fresh yet instantly recognisable images and I personally would like to live with her work.


Rose Wylie, Stately Home Picture
I just find it so exciting when artists get to the 'mature' stage of their careers and suddenly become very exciting and cool and 'rising stars'. I really love Phyllida Barlow's work, who after years of teaching and solidly working, is now producing major shows and has signed to one of the world's biggest galleries Hauser and Wirth. The same happened to Louise Bourgeoise, and Carmen Herrera (who became the next big thing at age 94), female artists who stick to their practice and produce solid important work which influences generations all their life and then suddenly and finally get their own respect in their later years. I feel Rose is such an incredible female artist who well into her 70s is inspiring and special and important... And hopefully mine at Art Blitz.


Marianne Morild, Kraftkamp
I have only recently discovered Marianne's paintings through Transition, and from what I have seen I really like her work. Small scale paintings, containing these eerie empty architectural figures in rural landscape settings. I like the work in Art Blitz for its juxtaposition of a traditional scenic panorama fused with what looks like a pop art inspired abstract 'weir' it makes me think of early Peter Blake works. I am really enjoying the world which Marianne is creating.

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