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Auction Times: 27 Nov 2010, 7-9pm
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ART BLITZ Insider Picks

We asked a series of art insiders to choose five pieces from ART BLITZ...




Paul Carey-Kent's Top 5

  'Here are five I like in alphabetical order...'

Andrew Curtis, NEW EMPIRE (Richard Jefferies) Andrew Curtis draws attention to the wilder aspects of his nondescript home zone of South London, thus pointing up how – to quote JG Ballard – ‘to maintain this fabric of absolute normality requires powerful repressive forces'.

Leo Fitzmaurice, Tops
This dance with the dark side of sponsorship connects with Leo Fitzmaurice’s extensive use of packaging and advertising material, sculpting from its overload by bending the energy of its designs to his will.

Tom Hunter, Untitled
Tom Hunter is best-known for bringing the poise of classical art compositions to the lives and histories of East London – but he also has a love-hate relationship with America, and these photographic blues come from the series ‘Phoenix to Vegas’.


Jeff McMillan, Untitled
This edition stems from Jeff McMillan’s ongoing project of emphasizing the objecthood of found traditionally-styled paintings by dipping them in paint. There’s a haunting quality to the silence imposed by covering the man’s mouth.

Emma Talbot, Wedding
Emma Talbot’s half-doll half-cartoon figures transmit emotion without the need for faces, especially once you know that they often present scenes from her life before the premature death of her husband. Here, then, is the subject direct.


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