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Auction Times: 27 Nov 2010, 7-9pm
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ART BLITZ Insider Picks

We asked a series of art insiders to choose five pieces from ART BLITZ...




Articulated Artists' Top 5


Michael Ajerman
A well observed, yet ambiguous, inky drawing. Father and child, playing in the sand? Maybe a couple, getting it on? Murder, or a terrible accident?

Jake Clark
This painting just feels like the 1980s, with it's sun-bleached, pastel strides, matching lace-ups and synthetic-coloured cocktail, with a shiny cherry on the top.

Emma Talbot
Elegant, heartfelt drawings with beautifully styled characters and close attention to details. Clever use of drawing as a tool to access memories and describe moments in a life that could relate to anyone.


Jo Wilmot
Any animal wearing clothes is pretty disgusting. This pampered dog in a pink jumper is an indulged pet, about to make a dash for it with a chick in its mouth. Blobs and drippy paint add material to these excesses.

Rose Wylie
Amazing energy and attitude to materials and process. When she stuck this self portrait on paper (from the 1980s) onto a found canvas in a frame, the paper bubbled, so she cut through the bubbles with a knife and stuck them down again. She has also taped an image of herself (from the 1980s) on the back of the painting so that you can see she really did have a chin like this ...


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