At Transition Gallery and Hackney Picture House Gallery, London

Andrew Bracey / Jackie Chettur / Paul Kindersley / Cathy Lomax /
Alli Sharma / Mimei Thompson / David Wojtowycz / Nicola Woodham


7-30 September 2012

To The Devil A Son is a DIY set for idolisation of bond girl stares and Hammer Horror blood, embracing the bad influence films have on us. The vacuous faces of Bond’s sacrificial lambs become our role models as the screen becomes drenched with crimson. Films watched blend together as heroines and demons all become part of a shared pop culture swamp. The installation is a manifestation of film inside the viewer’s mind, a homemade teenage bedroom set, complete with posters that we can enter and pretend.

Paul writes about Horror in Garageland 14: Film


To the Devil a Son, 2012, mixed media


Paul's work is showing at Hackney Picture House