At Transition Gallery and Hackney Picture House Gallery, London

Andrew Bracey / Jackie Chettur / Paul Kindersley / Cathy Lomax /
Alli Sharma / Mimei Thompson / David Wojtowycz / Nicola Woodham


7-30 September 2012

Cathy Lomax selects a moment from every film she watches to make into a swiftly executed painting which gathered together form a formidable Film Diary. For Still she is showing the paintings which make up her Film Diary of 2011. 

Film Diary (detail), installation at Hackney Picture House


'Lomax's research is prodigious. Yet despite the theoretical immersion with her subject matter, she retains a sense of the sheer joy of film watching. Lomax maintains that her scene choices are purely instinctual. Desire is the driving spark which ignites all her resultant productions even when that desire is tempered with massive doses of intellectual investigations.'

Alex Michon, Film Stilled, Garageland 14: Film



Cathy's work is showing at Hackney Picture House (and a small selection at Transition Gallery)