At Transition Gallery and Hackney Picture House Gallery, London

Andrew Bracey / Jackie Chettur / Paul Kindersley / Cathy Lomax /
Alli Sharma / Mimei Thompson / David Wojtowycz / Nicola Woodham


7-30 September 2012

Sharma's Still paintings feature the overlooked female characters from British kitchen sink realism of the 1950/60s. Set against these real-life, gritty, pared-back characters she places The Red Shoes, based on another British classic film which was itself based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson.


The Red Shoes, 2012, oil on board, 40x50cm.
Ingrid 2 (A Kind of Loving)
, 2012, oil on board, 50x40cm.


Alli's work is showing at Hackney Picture House (and a small selection at Transition Gallery)